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Captivating music that moves people

New edge modern classical composition

You have to know the rules before you can break them... I am a classically traind musician/composer. I study the old masters and the new. I take what I learn and apply it to my own style. Whether it is Stravinski, Bach, Frank Zappa, Coletrain or the Beatles there is always something that can spark a new idea.

Emotion grabbing film scores

The cliche is... "a picture paints a thousand words." When spotting a film seeing the mood of the film and understanding the director's vision is key to finding the right sonic pallet for creataing the cues and overall score.

Playing to your heart's content

Performing on the harp guitar and the good ole six string has always brought me pleasure. I hope you will invite me to perform for you so I can share my music and passion with you.

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Meet the composer

I am classically trained and have a Bachelor of Music in Composition/Theory from Virginia Commonwealth University. I studied with Dr. Robert Reinhardt at the Shenandoah Conservatory and completed my undergraduate study with Dr. Loren Carrier, Alan Blank, and Dr. Dika Newlin at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently I reside in Houston, Texas where I continue to compose and play music. I enjoy and am influenced by all flavors of music. I write and perform original instrumental compositions on vintage Knutsen and Dyer harp guitars and recently a custom built Hewett harp guitar.

Scoring your film

Give me an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your vision for your next film. Understanding the emotions you are looking to evoke will allow me to provide sounds and musical ideas to put with the vision of your film. Whether it's a full orchestral score, jazz, pop rock, drama or action I can craft an underscore to match your film, animation or game. I understand preproduction, production and post production issues and can meet tight scheduling requirements.

Live performance

I love to play live music. I have played in country bands, rock bands, blues, bands and even original progressive bands. I especially love to play solo acoustic guitar and harp guitar gigs. Have a listen to some of the music on the site and see if my music and playing style fits your need for your next event.

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