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John Doe

About Sean A. Martin

Hello! Welcome to seanamartin.com the official web site of me, Sean A. Martin composer, harp guitar player, guitarist, and instrumentalist. Get the latest news, find out where I'm playing live, watch videos, look at some photos, purchase music and tabs all right here.
I look forward to seeing you at the next show. Please drop me a note and tell me what you think of the music and the site. No matter what keep on playing - music is the best!
I have a Bachelor of Music in Composition/Theory and Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University. I am classically trained. I studid with Dr. Robert Reinhardt at the Shenandoah Conservatory and completed my undergraduate study with Dr. Loren Carrier, Alan Blank, Dr. Dika Newlin, James Moore, John Patykula and Jesus Silva at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently I reside in Houston, Texas where I continue to compose and play music. At present I am totally engrossed in the harp guitar and loving every minute. Although I enjoy and am influenced by all flavors of music I write and perform original instrumental compositions on vintage Knutsen, Dyer harp guitars and now a custom thirteen string Hewett harp guitar.
I became fascinated with the harp guitar in the late 80's after seeing guitarist/composer Michael Hedges perform his unique "New Edge" style compositions on the instrument and in later years have drawn influence from Stephen Bennett.

The Music
A Momentary Lapse

Albums and MP3s

CD A Momentary Lapse $9.99
1 A Momentary Lapse $0.99
2 Recalculating $0.99
3 Hideaway $0.99
4 !IsNaN $0.99
5 Ricther Ron Acorn $0.99
6 Jack & Rita $0.99
7 Blame It On Don $0.99
8 Onomatopoeia $0.99
9 Sunday Morning $0.99
10  The Butterfly Effect $0.99
11  Wide Open Spaces $0.99

CD Harp On It $9.99
1 Saltwater Taffy $0.99
2 Free To Be $0.99
3 Early This Morning $0.99
4 Blue Whale (Power & Glory) $0.99
5 Day After Tomorrow $0.99
6 Arch Angel $0.99
7 After All These Years $0.99
8 Ackerman's Hoedown - I $0.99
9 Nellie's Reel - II $0.99
10  A Child's Prayer - III $0.99
11  Jack's Jig - IV $0.99
12  Remember When $0.99

CD A Classical Christmas $9.99
1 The First Noel $0.99
2 Away In The Manger $0.99
3 Sleepers Awake $0.99
4 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen $0.99
5 Hark The Herald Angels Sing $0.99
6 Afro-Cuban Lullaby $0.99
7 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear $0.99
8 Joy to The World $0.99
9 Jeasus Joy of Man's Desiring $0.99
10  O Littlle Town of Bethlehem $0.99
11  White Christmas $0.99
12  Prelude In D $0.99
13  O Come All Ye Faithfull $0.99
14  O Christmas Tree $0.99
The Notes
Sheet Music

Sheet Music & Tablature

  Harp Guitar Music and Tablature  
1 Saltwater Taffy $9.99
2 Early This Morning $9.99
3 Arch Angel $9.99
4 After All These Years $9.99
5 Ackerman's Hoedown - I (Celtic Suite) $9.99
6 Nellie's Reel - II (Celtic Suite) $9.99
7 A Child's Prayer - III (Celtic Suite) $9.99
8 Jack's Jig - IV (Celtic Suite) $9.99
9 Complete Celtic Suite $34.99
10 Remember When $9.99
  Six String Music and Tablature  
1 Blues For Michael $9.99
2 Cascade $9.99
3 Fear of Verbs $9.99
4 King's New Cloths $9.99
5 L Century Blues $9.99
6 Recipe For Mom's Merengue $9.99
7 Turn Off The Alabaster Light $9.99
8 Avant Musicum $9.99
9 IsNaN $9.99
10   Sunday Morning $9.99

Buying Scores

All sheet music is supplied as a ,pdf file. The scores are both standard notation and tablature. When needed the scorre will be supplied with performance notes. You can purchase through your paypal account or pay via credit card through paypal. Once you order is complete the files will be emailed to the address supplied with you order. Thank you for your interes in my compositions. Comments and suggestions are welcome at sam@seanamartin.com.

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